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Our Services

1. Finding Stories

Novus Pro finds the story that is often buried deep in our clients’ and their opponents’ documents and other case-related materials. As we use The Novus Process to find the story, we prepare and deliver in real time the Novus Certified Organization of Relevant Evidence (the Novus CORE™). The Novus CORE™ includes a summary of the facts in the form of a succinct narrative, witness and key issue files, a key document library, privilege log, chronology of events, depositions and trial abstracts, with documents categorized by relevance, privilege and other subjective criteria, plus any other information that our clients and their law firms may need to pursue their legal strategy.

2. Better Stories Faster

Through the sophisticated combination of process management, machine learning, statistics, and decision analytics, Novus Pro created the award-winning Novus Accelerate™, the killer early case assessment solution. Our lawyers use machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to target the identification and retrieval of key and hot documents. Statistics include a multiple-regression algorithm that uses years of data to forecast with statistically significant accuracy the number of key and hot documents that are in a body of evidence. The decision analytics tool uses the theory of prediction markets to provide our clients with a probabilistically weighted view of the various possible outcomes for their matter, allowing them to make strategic and financial decisions with unprecedented insight and speed.

3. Project and Program Management

Novus Pro combines the professional management expertise of its business professionals with the subject matter expertise of its legal professionals to manage engagements and portfolios of engagements for our clients. Professional management includes defining a scope of work, budget, and schedule, as well as a risk management plan for all of the parties working on a matter. We then organize, direct and report on the performance of those parties relative to the plan. Legal project and program management has proven to make operating outcomes more predictable and matters more efficient and less expensive.